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Full Name :   Trevin Fowler
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State :   Indiana
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Mt Timp-A-Rama
sub-category : Mountaineering
img 11-29-2010

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The Wasatch Front in Utah offers some of the best free recreation in the Western United States. As a poor college student at BYU starved for action I often retreated with my mountain bike, climbing shoes, hiking boots, or snowboard, seeking a natural high in the fresh mountain air surrounding Mt. Timpanogos. These shots were taken near the saddle in the fall of 1994. We began our ascent sans-food and only one water bottle each. We were so hungry upon reaching the saddle that we asked a hiker on the trail for a little food. He shared some pretzels. As soon as we hit snow, we strapped the board on, took a few runs and then began our descent. Upon reaching the car we drove straight to Chuck-A-Rama in Provo to replenish our strength and rehydrate. Great memory.
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